The Best IT Themed Movies

The Besi IT Themed Movies

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Practically Testing Design & Development IT Candidates

Finding the right talent

Research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has found that the cost of hiring the wrong person can be between four and six times of the employee’s salary.

A report by the Future Foundation further articulated that this equates to an overall cost of twelve billion pounds per year for managing poor hires in the UK, with three quarters of employers hiring the wrong people.

Therefore, it is especially important to be sure that an applicant for a web design or development job has the technical skills required in order to be successful. In the past, phone screening candidates was common, but many companies have now begun to implement pre-interview skill tests so that face-to-face interviews are only held with those possessing sufficient skills. Read more →

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The UK’s Hottest Tech Locations

Hottest tech location 1

London is not the only Tech hub in the UK; there are clusters of tech start-ups alongside established businesses from North to South. This gives IT professionals looking for a new position plenty of locations to choose from, especially if you’re appetite was wet by our recent post on The Best UK Cities to Live and Work. Below you will find some of the most exciting areas right now for technology companies: Read more →

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Most Popular European Cities for IT Jobs

The IT Job Board operates in the UK, Germany, Holland and Belgium with a vast number of jobs available in many IT sectors. We have compiled a list of the locations with the most job opportunities for those that are considering a change of scenery to a new European city.


View of Big Ben across the Thames Read more →

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Social Recruitment Here & Now

We surveyed 845 tech pro respondents and 112 client (employer) respondents to find out what they really think of social recruiting. Will it help fulfil the ongoing demand for tech talent or is it the newest recruitment fad?


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Development Initiatives to Inspire the Next Hit App

development initiaves 1The increasing competition in the app market means that it is difficult for most developers to create a successful application from the ground up. Therefore, there are a number of skills that are useful to consider before deciding to become a mobile app developer.

To provide some inspiration and support, we have listed some initiatives that allow developers to learn new skills whilst maintaining the security of their current job: Read more →

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Tips for Travelling IT Professionals

Tips for travelling 1IT skills are sought worldwide and so there are many opportunities for working overseas in contract or even permanent positions. You may not be aware, but The IT Job Board also operates in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands; so we know just how many positions are currently available.

We have put together a list of four tips that will help if you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and are considering a cultural change. Read more →

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10 Tough Interview Questions To Be Ready For

10 interview questions 1Interviewers can throw in some tricky questions when exploring if an applicant will fit in with the company culture. To help you prepare for your next job interview, here is a selection of 10 of the tougher ones together with some points to consider when preparing a good answer. Read more →

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Behind-the-Scenes Technology at the World Cup


As predicted, this year’s World Cup is proving to be the most high-tech yet, with new technology being utilised everywhere from big data to app design. The 2014 event will also be the most mobile, with the opening match having seen more than 1 million mobile data communications generated by over 61,000 fans, and data traffic at the final set to reach 12.6 terabytes. Read more →

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3 Up-and-Coming Programming Languages

Upgoming languages 1Learning a new programming language is a great strategy for developers to add to their current skill-set or for those looking to make a career move to software development. Becoming skilled in coding in one of the languages on the rise could put you one step ahead of the game when it comes to applying for developer jobs in the future, in the same way that it benefitted programmers who learnt Java when it first entered the scene. Here are three up-and-coming programming languages to consider adding to your current repertoire: Read more →

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