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London and UK IT/Tech Events & Conference Calendar 2015​

With over 10,000 IT jobs on our site, we understand more than most just how vast and dynamic the UK IT sector continues to be. For IT professionals, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date with the news, changes and opportunities that result from rapid growth in technology fields such as apps, wearables, Big Data, IoT and other buzz areas.

We try our best to keep you informed, but we’ve decided to create a calendar of events so that you can hear straight from the foremost experts in each area of IT.  The below calendar will expand to include more events over the coming months, as we update it and add more, so be sure to come back regularly to check you don’t miss some inspiring talks!


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The Challenges of Software Testing

Quality ControlAs IT projects become more complex and existing software constantly evolves, there is a need for testers to be involved throughout the development process rather than just at isolated stages. We have looked at some of the challenges that software testers currently face. Read more →

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IT skills in demand

Find out the IT skills in demand. View the full infographic here.




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The 5 Most Exciting Tech Research Projects Underway

Project Adam

Project Adam

Smart machines with the ability to understand their environment are to be the most disruptive emerging technology in IT according to Gartner. Microsoft Research is working on a project with this in mind, known as ‘Project Adam.’ The artificial intelligence object recognition software was announced at the 2014 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit. Read more →

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The 10 Scariest IT Jobs #scaryitjobs

Can you think of any more IT Halloween puns? Tweet your Halloween pun to @theitjobboard using #ScaryITjobs and you could win a £50 Cinema voucher to enjoy a scary film of your choice.

Haloween email

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Cloud Services – 10 Major and Upcoming Providers

10 cloud providersAs well as being a hot source of job growth, Cloud computing is one of the biggest recent disruptive technologies to emerge, with many big names offering services as well as entrepreneurial start-ups appearing on the scene. To bring you up to speed, we have listed some of the biggest companies providing cloud services as well as the up-and-coming companies to watch out for. Read more →

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COBOL Development – Is There a Shortage of Skills?

Cobal 1

COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language) is a high level programming language that was developed back in 1959. It is self-documenting, containing English-like elements such as verbs, sentences, sections, divisions and clauses. This means that it is one of the most readable and understandable programming languages in use and can be read by non-programmers.

The language is actually very simple, but produces very large applications with many lines of code. The latest versions have been updated to feature user defined functions, object orientations, cultural adaptability and user defined data types. Despite a rather limited function compared to the younger languages, it very well adapted to its target domain. Read more →

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6 Communities for Internet of Things Professionals

Communities of the internet of things

The Internet of Things is rapidly becoming a global reality, with the UK rolling out IoT networks in a number of cities. There are forecast to be 26 billion connected devices by 2020, meaning that there are many opportunities for those working in development, data security and analytics. We have listed some of the groups and organisations that are bringing tech experts together to discuss and that therefore provide opportunities for some real IoT networking. Read more →

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6 Projects You May Not Know Google Is Working On

Google works with universities, research labs and industrial groups to develop innovative new technologies for many different sectors; their well-known Google Glass and Driverless Car projects have already been a success. We have listed other surprising and innovative projects that you may not know that Google are also working on.

 Lunar XPrize

6 Google projects 1

Google has had an interest in the Space sector since signing a Space Act Agreement with NASA in 2006. The company has since started up the Lunar XPrize Project, which inspires independent teams to develop and successfully land/manoeuvre a robot on the moon; with a grand prize of $20 million for the first successful team.

The ultimate aim of the project is to decrease the cost of access to the moon and space. With the current deadline for the grand prize being forecast for the end of 2015, the reality may be soon upon us. Read more →

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