The 10 Biggest IT Recruiters of February 2015 (It’s Not Too Late!)

10 biggest recruiters 1

To add some spice into your job search, we’ve featured below the companies who advertised for the most IT roles in February; it’s not too late to apply to one of the varied jobs on offer. What’s more, with these companies being so active in their recruitment, you can be confident that you are joining a successful and dynamic employer. Read more →

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The IT Job Board Market Report 2015

We surveyed over 900 UK tech professionals to create a comprehensive Infographic-based IT Job Market Report containing salary insight and market expectations on future remuneration, mobility, social media and more. See the full report here.


Take a glimpse at the report above, conveniently separated into sections for permanent employees, contractors and employers and gain answers to the questions below (and more).

Are you a permanent IT professional? What do your peers get paid per annum and what percentage of IT staff have been rewarded with a pay increase? What are the most popular benefits offered by companies and how many do your company offer? What are the most important factors when choosing a job, as well as the most important factors to remain in an existing role? Do you have one of the skills most in demand? How quickly do IT professionals change jobs.

Are you an IT contractor? Did you know that 25% of contractors work in the public sector? What do your peers get paid as an hourly rate? What percentage of IT contractors have had a salary increase? What are the most important factors when choosing a new contract?  How does your commute time compare to others working in IT? Are contractors more experienced, on average, than permanent IT professionals? How quickly do IT professionals change their IT contract jobs?

Employers, are you competing for in demand skills? If so, how can you improve contact with tech professionals and should you be actively reaching out to candidates on social media using social recruitment tools?

See the full report here.

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How 5 Successful Tech Entrepreneurs Shaped their Early Careers with an IT Job

5 successful tech entrepreneurs 1What can you learn from the most successful tech entrepreneurs who started in jobs just like yours? In this article, we identify that an entrepreneur’s success is often defined by following their passions as well as developing theirs skills and ideas in innovative environments. We hope that these stories will give you the impetus to make changes in both your career path and networking, raising questions on whether you should look to develop your skills elsewhere to achieve your potential. Read more →

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Top 5 Internet of Things (IoT) Infographics

With the number of ‘smart’ connected devices being expected to grow to 200 billion by the year 2020, IoT is one of the fastest growing current technology trends. We have pulled together five of the top infographics on the need-to-know IoT Developments, so that you may consider one of the Internet of Things jobs that are becoming available.

What Exactly is the Internet of Things?

Postscapes and Harbour Research have collaborated to create this extensive infographic to tell a complete story of the Internet of Things. For those that are looking to move into the field, it will give you an idea of all things IoT related; from the different sensors used, to the way that the networks are formed, to its diverse applications. It also provides insight into the business impact of the technology and case studies of its use. Read more →

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Modern Recruitment Resources for the HR Director


With modern recruitment tools increasingly being incorporated into the recruitment process, we have listed some useful resources for HR directors to consider selecting to achieve greater success:

News and Blogs

Social Talent is the world’s leading social media training provider to the recruitment industry. The Social Talent Blog is full of useful tips for employers, ranging from personal branding advice to the latest trends in recruitment. Their Twitter account is also a great place to stay updated.

SocialRecruitment is another great place to stay apace with the meeting of HR and social media. Articles provide advice on social recruiting objectives, social recruiting tools and how to best use your social media accounts to attract candidates.
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Summary of the Most Interesting Expert IT and Tech predictions for 2015

Tech predictions

Tech predictions


Now we are into February and the experts have had time to make their predictions for 2015, we’ve decided to select some of the most interesting predictions so that you can be aware of possible trends and opportunities for developing your IT career.

IT Embraces Self-Service Big Data

2015 will be the year that allows business users self-service to Big Data, according to John Schroeder, the CEO and co-founder of MapR (a company that develops Hadoop-derived software for storing and processing Big Data). According to Schroeder, advances in tools and services will mean that more IT professionals will have direct access; developers, data scientists and data analysts will be able to explore data directly and allow organisations to respond to opportunities and threats more quickly. Read more →

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Social Recruitment: What Recruiters Need to Know

Social RecruitmentWhy is Social Recruitment Important?

Tech Professionals are increasingly engaging with social media and utilising social platforms to build an online personality. Acas research has recently shown that 25% of HR decision makers find social recruitment to be a useful tool for gathering information about candidates that would not be revealed by other traditional recruitment methods; and 24% use that information to help them with the selection process.

This research has been strengthened by a survey from the Society for Human Resource Management, highlighting that 70% of recruiters find screening to be a useful tool for finding out information beyond a CV or cover letter. 28% of recruiters would use results to verify information provided on CVs, whilst 34% would take social profiles into consideration when assessing a potential candidate’s fit within the company.

If executed properly, employers can utilise social recruitment to search for the very best talent and find staff that are the best fit for the company culture; also reducing the risk of hiring unsuitable candidates that waste both time and money resources. What’s more, 84% of tech professionals would be open to hearing from recruiters that approach them via social or professional networks regarding work-related opportunities. Read more →

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The 10 Biggest IT Recruiters of January 2015

10 biggest recruiters(European Bioinformatics Institute offices at the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus)

Research from the ILM shows that up to 37% of UK based employees have decided that it’s time to look for a new job. The motivations are varied but the most popular reasons seem to be: 1) an increase in salary; 2) to break out of a career rut and achieve career progression; or 3) to leave a mundane job and look for a more interesting, engaging and fulfilling role with better training opportunities.

However, of those who wake up with great intentions, only 8% of those who make New Year’s Resolutions will actually stick to them and achieve their goal of securing a new job! But there is no excuse this year. With the UK economy getting stronger, the jobs market is increasingly buoyant with more than 500,000 more jobs advertised in 2014 compared to 2013, and recruiters predicting that this trend will continue into this year.

So with 2015 now well under way, we have made your search easier by listing the top companies currently advertising the most vacancies: Read more →

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6 Quick Career Resolutions for Everyone in 2015

The month of reflection is almost over and it’s time to start February as you wish to continue the rest of 2015. We want to help you get started by sharing 6 career resolutions that will make your work and personal life progress in every way. Before you read this, it is important to be open and firstly think about all of the things that you don’t want to repeat from last year, and to think positively, so that you can learn from your mistakes.

Career resolutions 1 Read more →

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IT Salaries Q4 2014

See the results of our IT salary data from Q4 2014, to find out which skills have seen the biggest changes in salary. Visit our HomePage to search for a full list of current IT Job opportunities.



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