5 Communities for London Developers

5 Communities for London Developers

With approximately 2,500 London developer jobs currently advertised, it’s no surprise that capital life provides the very best opportunities to experience the many benefits of networking. We have found five of the very best developer communities for you to evolve both your career and skill potential. Read more →

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3 Innovative Ways for Recruiters to Source the Best Talent

Innovative Ways for Recruiters to Source the Best Talent

With an array of methods being used by employers, and word-of-mouth spreading through social networks rapidly, it can now be difficult to source the very best tech talent using the traditional recruitment approach. More companies are finding that they need to get creative with their search, so we have pulled together three innovative ideas to help you build the best team:

1. Promote the Company Creatively

One method of targeting the right candidates is to target platforms that may not normally be used for recruitment purposes, but which are regularly used by tech professionals. Danish agency, Uncle Grey, used a creative approach in their search for a Front-End Developer when their standard recruitment process was not finding the ideal talent. They moved directly to their target market by working with the popular online game Fortress 2, partnering with top players who would promote the recruitment page URL within the game. This led to the company receiving 50 applications and finding the ideal candidate within one week. Read more →

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60 Seconds with Johnny Campbell

We interviewed social recruiting expert and founder of Social Talent, Johnny Campbell to get his perspective on the social recruiting challenges faced by recruiters.

From the death of Boolean to the best sites for sourcing tech pros, read the full article to find out how recruiters can leverage social media to connect with the best tech talent.

Read the article.

60 secs with Johnny Campbell

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5 Not-to-Miss UK Tech Events of Q2 2015 (book soon!)

Tech events

In 2015, the UK will host a large selection of tech conferences and events, with opportunities for everyone to learn about the latest trends and technologies in their field as well as reaping the benefits of networking. We have selected some of the big not-to-miss tech events that are taking place during April, May and June.

Industry Web Conference 2015

Date: 22 April

Location: The Turbine Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne

The Industry Web Conference is all about design; topics covered at this year’s event will include web design, user research, content strategy, front-end development, web performance, user experience and typography.

There will be 8 speakers on the day, with some of the highlights including a talk on user experience by Emma Boulton, a Research Director at Monotype. With the emergence of new design patterns and build tools, front end development has also recently grown as a discipline; Monika Piotrowicz will thus be giving a talk that pulls from her extensive experience as front end development lead for Shopify and her expertise with HTML, CSS and JS. Other talks will focus specifically on typography, mobile app design and image assets. For those who are interested, there are now only a few places up for grabs. Read more →

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Top 5 Mobile App Infographics

Mobile InfographicsResearch in 2014 by app analytics provider, Flurry, found that users spend 2 hours and 42 minutes per day on their mobile device; with mobile app usage making up 86% of that time. The mobile applications market is growing year on year and also providing more demand for developers and new applications. We have listed five of the top mobile app infographics that highlight the latest trends, tools and information for mobile designers and developers. Read more →

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Upgrade Your Chances of Impressing Recruiters with a Modern CV

Modern CV

The traditional CV has been used as a matter of course when applying for any job for the past six decades, with the aim to highlight an applicant’s skills, experience and education relevant to the specific job vacancy.

However, now that employers are increasingly using social recruitment tools to research potential candidates, the traditional two-page paper CV has become an online set-up and thus incorporates each candidate’s full online presence. With this in mind, we have put together some of the places that IT professionals should keep an active profile as part of their ‘online CV’ when applying for jobs. Read more →

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12 Top Recruiters in the North’s Growing Tech Cities

Top recruiters in the northWhen Nick Clegg announced the launch of TechNorth last year, aiming to rival tech hubs such as Berlin and Shanghai, he stated that his long-term goal was to double the number of Northern ICT jobs. With such apparent career opportunities around the corner, could this be the time to consider moving to a Northern company showing strong recruitment and thus evident success:

1. Moneysupermarket.com

Location – Ewloe (close to Chester)

Roles Include – BI Analyst, Java Technical Lead, Infrastructure Project Manager

MoneySuperMarket.com is a web-based price comparison business that specialises in the financial services. It is one of Britain’s biggest price comparison sites and has acquired several other brands including TravelSuperMarket.com, MoneySavingExpert.com and OnTrees. MoneySuperMarket.com is currently recruiting for 10 jobs, including working with their new FinTech mobile application (and angularJS web app).

Ewloe is a small town in Wales close to the English border; you may remember it as the place where former England footballer Michael Owen bought a street of houses for his family. And for non-football fans, you may be more interested in the 13th Century charm of Ewloe Castle. Read more →

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3 Top Examples of Positive Employer Branding

Recruitment - We Want YouAttracting and keeping the best talent is important for all organisations, big and small, and employer branding can play a central role in increasing job applications and widening the talent pool. Many companies are looking for new staff using social recruitment tools such as our award winning tech, Open Web, but those looking for jobs are also reviewing the employer brand to help make career decisions.

LinkedIn research, published in their Talent Trends 2014 report, interviewed 18,000 professionals in order to determine the most important factor taken into consideration when choosing a new employer. The research revealed that 56% of job candidates ranked the employer brand as the deciding factor above its reputation for great products or services and its reputation for prestige; showing the importance that potential applicants places on understanding the company culture and what it is like to work there. We have found three examples of companies that are successfully promoting a positive employer brand. Read more →

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Important Tips for Preparing for the 2nd Interview

2nd interview tips

After acing the first interview, there is just as much preparation required to impress at the second. The recruiter has already determined that you have the skills required for the job to make it to this stage and so the aim of the second interview is to determine if you will be a good fit within the company. This means that there are some specific things you can do in order to prepare and win that job offer: Read more →

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Important Tips for Preparing for the 1st Interview

1st interview tipsThe first interview with a potential employer is used to lay the foundations and check a candidate’s background, skill set and previous experience. Interviewers want to tie in experiences with the CV and ensure that the candidate has the necessary skills to match the specification of the job. We have put together some tips to help those of you, having already impressed with your CV, prepare for the first interview. Read more →

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