The Best UK Cities to Live and Work

While Bristol was voted the Best British City to Live, the Sunday Times continued its rundown of the best places to live in the UK by selecting the most optimistic city, the best city for sport, the city with the best views and the best connected city. Let’s have a look at which cities snapped up a title and what they have to offer as places for you to potentially ply your trade. Read more →

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4 Major IT Failures Highlighting the need for IT Security Investment

Security failures 1

Throughout the past several years, data security breaches are almost an everyday occurrence and are becoming one of the most devastating threats to organisations as well as consumers all over the world. As attackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, there is a growing need for new IT security strategies to match evolving threats. Let’s have a look at several major instances of data loss that took place in the 21st century. Read more →

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Bristol: Best British City to Live & Consider Your Next IT Job

Bristol 1Buzzy Bristol was recently crowned the best city to live in Britain by The Sunday Times. Bristol beat 63 cities to win the top accolade and came above rivals such as Birmingham, Manchester and even the cool kid on the block, London. Read more →

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3 Key Tips on How to Recruit Top IT Talent

While much of our economy is still trying to adapt to new environments, the competition to fill IT jobs around the world has never been fiercer. As an outstanding IT team makes up the backbone of a modern successful company, there is no substitute for raw tech talent. But where do you find them? Here are 3 key tips to keep in mind when recruiting. Read more →

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IT Security: Increase in Both Complexity & Career Opportunities

IT SecurityResearch has highlighted that keeping systems secure is more difficult than it was a year ago. Yet at the same time, IT security professionals are incredibly hard to find, opening the door to plenty of IT security career opportunities.

ESG Research has shown that 25 per cent of enterprise and mid-market organisations claim that they have a problematic shortage of IT security skills, which was a higher percentage than any other individual IT category. Furthermore, 42 per cent of organisations that are planning to add IT headcount in 2014 say they will hire IT security professionals, which was also the highest percentage of all IT skill sets. Read more →

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The Boom of Mobile Apps

Since Apple launched the iTunes store in 2008, mobile Apps have evolved the mobile industry and revolutionised mobile usage. The App industry is now big business, this technology shift has fuelled a new mobile economy…… that is quite literally Booming. Check out all our current mobile app jobs

Mobile app infographic

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Why Most Indie App Developers Won’t Strike it Rich

Indie app developer 1

Are you convinced you’ve got a brilliant app idea that could easily equal the success of ‘Flappy Bird?’ Don’t quit your day job just yet! With a plethora of free apps and increasing competition, the business of making money from apps will only get tougher. Soon, more than 99.99 per cent of consumer mobile apps will be considered as financial flops by their developers. Is the gold rush over? Read more →

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What does it take to Become a Mobile App Developer

Mobile app developer 1

Our mobile gadgets have not only become the one-stop solution for entertainment, communication and information, but also an amazing job-making avenue for millions of software enthusiasts. Read more →

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Why Everyone Should Learn to Code & Resources to do IT

Everyone should code 1

We are surrounded by software that we interact with on a daily basis. It is not hard to understand why in this increasingly digital era, the traditional ‘abc’ and ‘123’ is being supplemented by ‘ActionScript, BitC and C++’ as a third kind of literacy. In this article we will look into why it may be beneficial for anyone to learn to code; from project managers to designers. In the second half of the article you will find suggested resources and methods to improve. Read more →

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The Story of the Konami Code

‘Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a’, every self-respecting gamer or game developer knows about the Konami Code. The magical series of keystrokes was born on April 23, 1986 and with this article, we would like to celebrate nearly 28 years of jauntily cheating!

Kanomi code 1 Read more →

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