6 Quick Career Resolutions for Everyone in 2015

The month of reflection is almost over and it’s time to start February as you wish to continue the rest of 2015. We want to help you get started by sharing 6 career resolutions that will make your work and personal life progress in every way. Before you read this, it is important to be open and firstly think about all of the things that you don’t want to repeat from last year, and to think positively, so that you can learn from your mistakes.

Career resolutions 1 Read more →

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IT Salaries Q4 2014

See the results of our IT salary data from Q4 2014, to find out which skills have seen the biggest changes in salary. Visit our HomePage to search for a full list of current IT Job opportunities.



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5 Health Tips for People with Computer Jobs

Health tips 1According to Ofcom’s findings from its Digital Day 2014, the UK average adult spends over 11 hours involved in media or communication activity. This represents an almost 2.5 hour increase from its 2010 findings. Read more →

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7 of the Best Free Resources for Design & Development Professionals

bright ideaWith tech constantly evolving, it is important for IT Professionals to be aware of the current trends and keep up to date with the most in-demand skills. We have listed some helpful and free resources for staying ahead of the game and expanding your current skill set. Read more →

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Hot Topics at the Las Vegas CES 2015

Las Vegas’s much anticipated CES 2015 recently closed its annual show, with tons of new tech showcased across the four day event. The biggest tech show in the US attracted 3,600 exhibitors this year and we have listed some of the most talked about technologies unveiled at the exhibition.

3D Printers

3D PrinterThere were plenty of 3D printers on show at the event, but the Voxel8 3D was a standout product, showcasing the ability to print complete circuits. The dual-head machine can print normal plastic and conductive paste and printed a complete quadcopter, including the electrical components, at the show. Read more →

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How to Achieve the Shared Role of IT Professional & Parent

How to be a parent and an IT professionalAccording to 2014 government statistics, women now occupy 20.7% of board positions in FTSE100 companies (up from 17.3% in 2013). The target set for 2015 was 25%. This means that juggling parenting with a professional career is quite rightly becoming a key consideration for both sexes. Read more →

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The Most Interesting Uses of GIS in 2014

As technology continues to move forwards, GIS professionals are in demand in an increasing array of industries. We have looked at some of the most interesting uses of GIS from the past year and some of the exciting sectors in which you could find your next GIS job.


Best GIS of 2014 1The charity NetHope is working with IT professionals from government agencies and the private sector to enhance the ICT infrastructure in regions of Ebola outbreak. Other medical outreach charities such as MSF and The Red Cross have also utilised GIS technology in their efforts to control the outbreak by mapping previously poorly mapped rural areas. Read more →

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IT Salary Trends

We surveyed over 750 tech professionals to find out the latest IT salary trends.

See our graphical report to find out if IT salaries have increased or decreased. What are the expectations for 2015 and how do salary reviews compare across the UK.

View the results illustrated in our graphical report here.



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Best Tech Christmas Gift Ideas from Kickstarter

Have you read our last blog post on 10 Christmas Gifts for Internet & Tech Enthusiasts but are still struggling to find something your loved one hasn’t already bought? Well we have the answer; we have done the mouse work for you and painstakingly scoured the internet shelves of Kickstarter to provide you with the top 10 tech gifts that even Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg will not have. So .com all ye faithful and JAVA yourself a merry little Christmas.

Best Tech Christmas Gift Ideas from Kickstarter

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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Internet & Tech Enthusiasts (plus one for 2015!)

With the final rush for online Christmas orders due to take place this week, you may find yourself with little time to come up with the inspiration needed to buy something that will truly surprise your loved one this year. So we’ve searched the web to find 10 of the most innovative products together with their descriptions and where to buy.

1.U Board

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Internet & Tech Enthusiasts 1For internet professionals, the computer desk can be like a home-from-home. That’s why Sunnone has made the U Board, giving the opportunity to have everything needed at hand. It contains a phone holder, a fixed coffee holder, and space for notebook and pen. It’s currently available for £46 on Amazon. Read more →

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