12 Top Recruiters in the North’s Growing Tech Cities

Top recruiters in the northWhen Nick Clegg announced the launch of TechNorth last year, aiming to rival tech hubs such as Berlin and Shanghai, he stated that his long-term goal was to double the number of Northern ICT jobs. With such apparent career opportunities around the corner, could this be the time to consider moving to a Northern company showing strong recruitment and thus evident success:

1. Moneysupermarket.com

Location – Ewloe (close to Chester)

Roles Include – BI Analyst, Java Technical Lead, Infrastructure Project Manager

MoneySuperMarket.com is a web-based price comparison business that specialises in the financial services. It is one of Britain’s biggest price comparison sites and has acquired several other brands including TravelSuperMarket.com, MoneySavingExpert.com and OnTrees. MoneySuperMarket.com is currently recruiting for 10 jobs, including working with their new FinTech mobile application (and angularJS web app).

Ewloe is a small town in Wales close to the English border; you may remember it as the place where former England footballer Michael Owen bought a street of houses for his family. And for non-football fans, you may be more interested in the 13th Century charm of Ewloe Castle. Read more →

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3 Top Examples of Positive Employer Branding

Recruitment - We Want YouAttracting and keeping the best talent is important for all organisations, big and small, and employer branding can play a central role in increasing job applications and widening the talent pool. Many companies are looking for new staff using social recruitment tools such as our award winning tech, Open Web, but those looking for jobs are also reviewing the employer brand to help make career decisions.

LinkedIn research, published in their Talent Trends 2014 report, interviewed 18,000 professionals in order to determine the most important factor taken into consideration when choosing a new employer. The research revealed that 56% of job candidates ranked the employer brand as the deciding factor above its reputation for great products or services and its reputation for prestige; showing the importance that potential applicants places on understanding the company culture and what it is like to work there. We have found three examples of companies that are successfully promoting a positive employer brand. Read more →

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Important Tips for Preparing for the 2nd Interview

2nd interview tips

After acing the first interview, there is just as much preparation required to impress at the second. The recruiter has already determined that you have the skills required for the job to make it to this stage and so the aim of the second interview is to determine if you will be a good fit within the company. This means that there are some specific things you can do in order to prepare and win that job offer: Read more →

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Important Tips for Preparing for the 1st Interview

1st interview tipsThe first interview with a potential employer is used to lay the foundations and check a candidate’s background, skill set and previous experience. Interviewers want to tie in experiences with the CV and ensure that the candidate has the necessary skills to match the specification of the job. We have put together some tips to help those of you, having already impressed with your CV, prepare for the first interview. Read more →

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Project Management Tips for the Busy IT Professional

Project management tips

A major survey, of 2,500 businesses in 38 countries over a period of 4 years, has found that poor management planning costs UK businesses £80bn per year. 90% of global senior executives and project management experts believe that good personal project management is the answer. So we have listed below some of the best tools and techniques that IT professionals can adopt to help deliver impressive personal results and stand out from the less efficient crowd. Read more →

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How can IT Departments Prepare for Wearable Technology in the Office?


With the increase in demand for wearables today, a new technological trend has started in the business sector as well as in health departments. According to a study by Gartner, 50% of consumers who plan to purchase wearables will opt for smartwatches rather than fitness bands, offering users the same digital health assistance but with more mobile functionality.

Currently, ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) schemes already commonly include smartphones and tablets across most organisations, encouraging employees to work whilst on the go. In this article, we’ll show you the advantages and disadvantages of wearables in enterprises, as well as how the IT department can prepare for this new tech change in the office.
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IT Salaries by Job Title

Due to popular demand, we have created a new IT Salary report to show the rising IT salaries by job title.

See the results of our IT salary data from Q4 2014, to find out which skills have seen the biggest changes in salary.


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Improving Your Network: 3 Easy Steps to Faster Career Development

Improving Your Network: 3 Easy Steps to Faster Career Development

Networking is an essential step for every professional looking to grow their career, as well as bringing additional opportunities such as new sales contacts and potential freelance project colleagues. Here are three easy steps to get you started or further along the networking process: Read more →

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Employer Profile: Join the Award-Winning IT Team at University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)



This article was provided by the University of Central Lancashire:

The rapid and widespread adoption of digital, mobile, social and cloud technologies at home and at work continue to be a huge enabler: greater flexibility with 24/7 access to digital resources and services; more options for collaborative working unrestricted by location, device, and time; and a blurring of the line between social/personal and work-related online activities. Read more →

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The Top 5 Branding and Corporate Design Infographics

Branding Infographics 1Digital designers who take pride in their work understand that there are always new ideas and skills to explore; whether it’s the latest trend, or a new design that can inspire original thought. We have put therefore together some of the top design infographics for both new and experienced digital designers; spanning typography, logo design and branding. Read more →

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