The Pros and Cons of Working in the Academic Sector


For many people, the idea of working in IT on a university campus could sound like an ideal job. There are certainly a lot of positives as well as some key potential drawbacks; so if you are thinking about applying for one of our academic-based IT jobs, then here are a few things to think about.

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Developers: Enhance your CV with Open Source

Open Source

Contributing to an open source project is a great tool for enhancing your CV and developing skills at the same time.

Volunteering free time to work in the open source community not only helps developers improve their coding skills, but is also a great opportunity to work with some influential developers and companies. Open source projects are even available for those who are less experienced with writing code, as they also provide opportunities for maintaining code and the systems that surround it, or diagnosing bugs.

For those that are contributing to their first open source work, a good choice of project is a software that you already use, as you will already be familiar with what it does. GitHub is a popular and extensive source of potential projects looking for contributors. Microsoft also has a free open source project hosting site called Codeplex. Sourceforge and Google Code are other examples of project hosting sites.

We have listed some of the most popular open source projects to provide some inspiration into the type of work you can lend your skills to.  Read more →

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IT skills in Demand with the Growth of Wearable Technology

Skills in demand 1

The wearable technology market is quickly expanding with an estimated 8 million people in the UK owning some form of wearable tech; and according to IDC research, the market will increase to more than 110 million in 2018.

Here are three skills that are sure to become more and more in-demand: Read more →

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Top 10 CV Tips for IT Professionals

Top 10 CV Tips for IT Professionals infographic

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The UK’s Most Successful Tech Sectors


The UK is emerging as a leading player in many different sectors of technology, establishing markets to rival Silicon Valley. To help you find the industries with the best job opportunities, we have listed what the UK does best.


London is the world leader in the FinTech sector. With 44,000 people working in financial technology jobs, the UK makes a larger contribution to the sector than both New York and Silicon Valley. The UK also leads the way in Europe, with 37 companies featuring in the FinTech 50; a list of the top 50 European disruptive financial technology companies. These include companies that are pioneering new technologies, such as mobile payment devices and investment platforms. Read more →

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Win a paid-for trip to TechEd Europe in Barcelona!

Microsoft comp

TechEd Europe is Microsoft’s premier technology conference for IT Professionals and Enterprise Developers. It is a fantastic and extremely valuable opportunity to access deep technical and product training at the available sessions, as well as become a part of the TechEd community and spend one-on-one time with Microsoft and other industry experts and peers. Read more →

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Industry Analysis – IT skills and technology trends

We have partnered with Microsoft to create a skills dashboard to determine which skills are in demand. The tool enables us to analyse our IT Job Board advert data, which provides key industry insight.

For the purpose of our first report we have selected 5 key sectors and illustrated the skills, technologies and roles which are in demand.

See the full report here.

Industry analysis report UK_Industry_Analysis

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The Best Online Resources for Learning to Code



A basic knowledge of a coding language can be useful in many different roles; from giving you the ability to solve problems that require simple programming skills to expanding the skills already on your CV so that you can grow into your perfect developer job.  We have listed five free resources that enable every type of learner to gain something extra:

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There’s No Future in This..

job change image

If I think back to what my dad used to do in his data centre it was all very hands on and very physical – pressing lots of knobs and switches and feeding in data via tape and punched cards. Clearly not many of us do that anymore nor do many of us actually see the servers we are managing as these may not even be in same building or even the same city. Cloud technologies may mean that the servers aren’t even in the same country and also take away a lot of the low level management we used to do. For example cloud providers include DHCP and DNS services so we don’t have to worry about provisioning our own resources to do this. So you might be forgiven for thinking that there is no future in administration at all as there’s nothing left to do. Read more →

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Public Sectors Globally Embrace App Technology

The global adoption of mobile has led to not only a boom in applications for personal use and entertainment, but a large number of mobile apps for the public sector. We have listed some of the ways in which the technology is being utilised to benefit the public sector around the world.

City Navigation for the Blind

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